CADDA is out to promote agriculture which will help to fight against poverty and increase living standard of farmers. it will introduce new farming techniques that will improve the quality of seedlings and thus good yield. Additionally, CADDA promotes savings and capital formation among members and also enable them to obtain loans for necessary purposes and reasonable interest rate. CADDA is also looking forward in sensitizing farmers against HIV/AIDS and environment.

Our Mission

CADDA mission is to promote sustainable development via the implementation of appropriate agricultural production, storage and marketing of produce, good environmental practices, gender issues and HIV reforms by communities.

Our Vision

CADDA Vision is to create a better everyday life for the people in the nearest future with improved agricultural produce, storage and marketing systems.

Who we are.

CADDA is a civil society Organization created on the 8th of October 2015 with a trade name CADDA-SCOOPS bearing an acknowledgement receipt number SW/AR-0206. This cooperative was founded by Mbiayamba Elvis who is currently the CEO of CADDA. This Organization was created with the aim of production and marketing of livestock such as pigs, fowls, and crops which includes member palms, plantains, maize, cocoyam, cocoa and other vegetables. Our cooperate objectives is to carry out farming activities such as the production and transformation of palm products but may diverse into other agricultural crops as stated above. some specific objectives include;

– To look for a common market for sales our products. The cooperative shall involve in livestock activities (poultry, piggery farming etc.).
– To fight the rate of poverty within members and the surrounding villages.
– To sensitize farmers against HIV/AIDS and good environment.
– To attend seminars and workshops on related food crops mentioned above
– To lean new farming techniques and so as to ameliorate improved seedlings for cultivation; hence good yield.
– The cooperative shall work in close collaboration with NGOs and Government institutions.






Projects Done

Our Partners

CADDA has been in partnership with Blossom TV, Kumba Innovation platform, key farmers Cameroon, Government Ministries and other NGOs.

Our Team

Mbiayamba Elvis T.O

Founder and CEO

As an active member of the Cooperative and one of the founding members, he has a master’s degree in Geography-Economic Development from the university of Yaoundé I. He has also done studies in project management and training on Mushroom cultivation. He has been engaged by GTZ on several occasions such as an enumerator during the institution diagnosis for the Eyumojock, Ekondo Titi and Mundemba councils respectively and his recent involvement with RUDEA to source data for the elaboration of monograph for the aforementioned councils. Moreover he has a wide scope of working experiences with stakeholders, local communities, national and international organization such as his role with CRFiL-APOC as an enumerator in collection of GPS coordinates and data presentation. As an enumerator with the World Bank- Cameroon, he was engaged in facilitating dialogue with community leaders on the reasons for household and transport survey in their communities. He has also involved with PNDP as a staff under Tinto Council. Involved as a trainer in Kumba Innovation Platform and key farmers and trainer in so many seminars in Cameroon on project design, resource mobilization, implementation and control.

Etongwe Blanche Iya


I am called Etongwe Blanche Iya, a native of Balue clan from the foot of the Rumpi hills, South West Region of Cameroon. Blanche earns a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography (Environment Development) from the University of Dschang, Cameroon, and has more than ten years of working experience in the non-profit sector. In 2012, she won the Australia award of African Scholarship because of her local Community engagements that gave her the opportunity to study a short course on post harvest Management of rice, maize and legumes which was sponsored by the Australian Government under the University of Sydney in South African, Australia and Ghana respectively on return, she served as a post harvest expert and became a member of the Australia Awards Africa Alumni Work in Leadership Network (AAAWILN). She has represented Cameroon in this network in several Conferences and workshops across Africa promoting women, agriculture and Africa’s Development……, she volunteered in several Organizations in Cameroon; SUCL, Sanaga-Young Chimpanzee Rescue Centre (SYCRC) or in Defense Animals-Africa (IDA-Africa); Conservation of Nature and Community Development (CNCD); Research Institute for Agricultural Development Organization where she served as one of the coordinators in the Oroko ‘library project’ distribution of some 70.000 books donated by ‘Books for Africa-U.S.A; and ‘health project; with the distribution of health materials of some 67 health centers and dispensaries in Ndian and Meme Division in the South West of Cameroon donated by OSA-USA.u003cbru003e She is currently based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She has both local and international experience, dynamic and always ready to contribute when it comes to assisting vulnerable community in achieving sustainable development.

Ebge Abunaw Minette


I am Egbe Abunaw Minette, a native from Mamfe, MANYU division South West region of Cameroon.
Minette earned a master’s degree in development studies from the Cameroon Christian University Kumba-Cameroon and has more than eight years working experience in project implementation in empowering survivors of sexual violence through market gardening.
She has been involved in many developmental and social projects that has given her a wide range of experience in the field. She was involved in emergency food assistance to Internally Displaced Persons in meme in the Anglophone crisis.
She has excellent passion for the development of her community thereby, trying to alleviate poverty through community Agricultural projects.
She has worked with several organizations in different capacities. Worked with Caritas Kumba, CAPEC Cameroon as the head of the gender Department.