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What is the full meaning of CADDA?

CADDA is an abbreviation of Cameroon Development Dynamic Agent

What’s CADDA about?

CADDA is a civil society Organization created created with the aim of production and marketing of livestock such as pigs, fowls, and crops which includes member palms, plantains, maize, cocoyam, cocoa and other vegetables.
Our cooperate objectives is to carry out farming activities such as the production and transformation of palm products which may diverse into other agricultural crops

Where is this Organization situated ?

 SWR, Kumba-Cameroon

What is the vision or Mission of CADDA?

CADDA mission is to promote sustainable development via the implementation of appropriate agricultural production, storage and marketing of produce, good environmental practices, gender issues and HIV reforms by communities.

CADDA Vision is to create a better everyday life for the people in the nearest future with improved agricultural produce, storage and marketing systems.

How can CADDA be supported?

CADDA gladly accepts the support of volunteers, sponsors and partners.
In order to support, please make use of our contact page and send us mails or call directly and we will be glad to hear from you.